6 Benefits to Installing a Seattle Tankless Water Heater

Are you considering having a tankless water heater installed? If there are any doubts in your mind regarding the abilities of a Seattle Tankless Water Heater to meet your hot water demands, you can lay them to rest! If you’ve ever — even once — run out of hot water just as you’re about to rinse the soap out of your hair, having on-demand heated water is reason enough to take the plunge! Although the tankless water heater has an higher initial cost, the actual cost to own the tankless heater is far less than a storage tank water heater. Whether replacing an existing water heater or deciding which heater is best for your dream home, there are definite benefits to going tankless.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

The tankless water heater system supplies hot an on-demand. When hot water is demanded by opening a hot water valve (kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, shower, etc.), cold water from your home’s main water supply is passed over the heating coils in the tankless water heater. In a matter of seconds your demand for hot water is satisfied!

With a gas fired tankless water heater, the pilot light remains lit; when hot water is called for, a computer driven igniter lights the heater. Similarly, with electric models, a computer actuated coil is heated when hot water is demanded.

1. Energy Savings

Because the tankless water heater supplies hot water on-demand, the energy savings is significant over a storage water heater. The storage water heater maintains the set-point temperature at all times. Maintaining the temperature of the volume of water in the storage tank accounts for a large portion of your energy costs each year! Since the tankless water heater only heats water you use, when you use it, there is no wasted energy heating a quantity of water over a period of time. Furthermore, you can set the temperature of your hot water closer to the desired setting, rather than overheating and tempering with cold water to assure not running out of hot water. Finally, you will save on your total water used, as there is no waste while clearing a pipe run from the storage tank to the point of use.

2. Never Ending Supply of Hot Water

You never need worry about running out of hot water again! With a tankless water heater, the water is heated as needed. No more waiting for the volume of water within a storage tank to heat — once you run out. Again, since you will never run out, there is no need to temper the flow with cold water at the point of use.

3. Safety

Because the temperature can be set lower on a tankless water heater, the chances for scalding from untempered water are greatly reduced. This is a tremendous advantage if there are children or aged parents in your home.

4. Flexibility

Partnered with a solar water heater, the tankless system can take up the slack for a solar system. Because the tankless water heater is compact (about the size of a briefcase for electric models), they can be placed conveniently for dedicated use to heat water for a jacuzzi or in a bathroom that is far from the primary water heater.

5. Water Quality

A tankless water heater supplies freshly heated water every time! As such, there is never sediment like water that has been sitting in a storage tank.

6. Service Life

With an average life span of about 20 years, the tankless water outlasts a storage tank heater with an average life of about 10 years. Some manufacturers claim that 1 tankless water heater is equivalent to 3 storage tank water heaters!