4 Most Common HVAC Complaints | Seattle HVAC Service & Repair

The best way to assure that your home is comfortable year-round is to schedule annual maintenance with Seattle Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Service & Repair. Even with annual maintenance, there are measures you can take to assure the most efficient and effective temperature control of your living space. As with any complicated mechanical system, there are common complaints regarding HVAC Systems.


1. Temperature is Not Consistent Throughout the Home

If there are rooms or areas in your home that are either too hot in summer or too cold in winter, the likely problem is with the ductwork. Poor design and/or leaks in the ducts are often cause for inconsistent temperatures. A perfectly balanced system allows for consistent distribution of conditioned air (heated or cooled). In reality, construction and local geographical concerns complicate system design. As such, a thorough inspection of all ductwork will reveal leaks, which can be sealed to improve air flow. Additionally, insulating ductwork will eliminate temperature loss throughout the home, providing more predictable temperatures.

2. Problems with Excessive Dust or Humidity

If an air condidtioning system is too large, it will cycle continuously, while unable to dehumidify the air. Conversely, with a unit that is too small, your system will not be able to achieve the desired temperature. See our post discussing how to properly size an air conditioner for your home. A poorly balanced/designed system will also result in extremely humid conditions. Regarding excessive dust, the most common culprit is a dirty air filter — monthly visual inspection and replacement/cleaning as indicated will solve this problem. On the other hand, if there are leaks in the ducting of your system, dirt and dust will be pulled in after filtration. A thorough inspection of the ductwork, sealing any leaks will definitely improve the quality of the air in your home.

3. Loud Air Conditioning System

If your cooling system is excessively loud, it could be due to improper sizing of the ductwork. Another potential cause of a noisy air conditioning system could be a defective indoor coil. Both issues must be diagnosed and repaired by Seattle HVAC Service & Repair specialists.



4. Energy Consumption and Repairs Increasing

Any older units will suffer the effects of wear and tear from use. In other words:

Efficiency is Directly Proportionate to Condition

Efficiency is Indirectly Proportionate to Age

Meaning that as your equipment ages and/or its condition worsens, repair costs will increase and energy efficiency will decrease (increased utility bills). A complete inspection and analysis of your system will determine whether it is more cost effective to replace your equipment. There are times when the increased efficiency combined with decreased maintenance costs outweigh the investment required to upgrade your system.

What Can You Do?

To extend the life and improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, it is recommended that you check all air filters and replace/clean as indicated. Alternatively, install a whole house electronic air cleaner that removes:

  •  Dust
  • Virus sized particulates
  • Contaminates
Working in concert with Seattle HVAC Service & Repair between annual pre-season maintenance, you can help keep your system in peak operating condition.